No politics

We want Shriram to be an environment where we would be recognized for our work and not for the games we play, because fundamentally we feel that office politics is not right, moral, or ethical.


Choose the right work

We also want to be very careful about the type of work we'd go after. We didn't want to build a monster-sized company that had to be fed, at any cost. In this industry all you have is your reputation and your people, and if you blow your reputation or disenchant your people, it's hard to recover. We decided to specialize in Industrial Gear Solutions for industry, which is where we continue to create significant success today.


Quality is where it all starts

We know that if we had to name only one thing that has made us successful, it would be the quality of our work. Our other founding principles flow from this one.


Hire Smart People

We would always hire people who were smarter and more capable than we were. Our People are always Pro-active in providing value-added services to customers.


Keep it simple

Our business philosophy is simple: We do implementation and help our clients achieve breakthrough results. By doing great work for our clients, we hope to be invited back to make more things happen for them.


Keep overhead low

We don't spend money foolishly.


Keep busy

We believe in keeping busy with high involvement in client work by all our Consultants, including the Company Managers. "Keeping busy" means making a real difference making good things happen for our customers, for Shriram, and even in our home lives.


Organized growth

We'll only grow as fast as we can train and assimilate our people and absolutely no faster. We won't compromise our quality by hiring anyone but the most superior individual and then training him or her to our level of excellence.


Make mistakes but do not repeat them

We all make mistakes and this is how we learn and develop new expertise. Making Mistakes is ok if we learn from them but it is not ok if we repeat the same mistakes.



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