Shriram Meritocracy means produce results and enjoy the fruits. Our customers are faced with some of the most complex industrial gear challenges ever in business. They rely on expertise they can trust expertise that brings results for both the short and the long term.

To deliver outstanding results, Shriram hires only the best. As a Gear services Company, Shriram recognize that people are the key to its success.

In Shriram your advancement happens at the rate at which you create results.

Shriram has flat structure that can provide quick response while still serving our customers' needs for breadth and depth in expertise.

Shriram Managers are not token team members but co-workers on projects, since our philosophy from the beginning has been to create value by remaining highly involved in customer work throughout our careers at Shriram.

The journey from Executive to Manager depends solely on your performance.

Although we have job titles, actual job responsibilities as they relate to the performance of an assignment, project or set of activities are quite flexible.

We have openings available for right people and would like to hear from you, If you find Shriram is good fit for your goals.

Are you looking to join a meritocracy?

Here are some characteristics of Shriram meritocracy:

You start at Shriram with a clean slate from which to prove yourself.

You manage the pace and direction of your own career.

You are encouraged to take a high level of responsibility early.

Your reward, recognition and advancement are based on your contribution to our Customer success.

Shriram invite commitment and encourage you to develop areas of specialization.


The more you achieve for our customers, the more opportunities you get to be a leader.

The more you lead through achievement, the more you help create emerging business opportunities.

As an individual, you are elemental to carrying forward the reputation and growth of Shriram and our customers Nationwide.



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