What does Shriram do ?

Valued highly for our focus on results, we help companies develop and execute their Industrial Gear applications. Shriram is noted for its leadership in Industrial gears and manufacture of Turned Components.

Who are your customers

Shriram works with the top managements of the top of the line organizations all over India . These Companies include OEMs, Machinery Manufacturers. These companies are aggressively pursuing new market opportunities and finding ways of achieving increased profitability, productivity, and growth. Shriram persists in maintaining confidentiality of our customers because of the sensitive nature of their work .

How would you describe Shriram people?

Shriram people are value-driven and intensely results-oriented. Our teams are smart, pragmatic and serve as great partners in progress of our customers.

How large is Shriram Gear Boxes?

Shriam is a mid-size Corporate, with 40 Plus Employees, with 4 offices in one of the major metros of India.



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